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As part of my research I have produced a number of online tools to help astronomers with day-to-day tasks. They range from tools to look at astronomical imaging data, to webpages to displays where different astronomical surveys sit on the night sky. Below are a few examples of these tools


Working with Dr Liz Mannering I developed the GAMA Panchromatic SWARP Imager (PSI) tool. This allows the user to download multi-wavelength imaging data from the GAMA survey. You can put in an ID from GAMA or simply a position on the sky and see images over a range of different wavelength from the ultra-violet to the far-infrared.

These images can also be downloaded as either a png or a FITS file to undertake scientific analysis. You can over-plot source positions, contours or the apertures used to measure the photometry in GAMA.






This tool allows astronomers to plot the position of astronomical objects and surveys on a map of the night sky. You can display a range of exisiting and upcoming surveys, or define your own new survey region. You can make your plot in many different map projections and explore how different surveys overlap to design your observations.

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