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The Wide Area VISTA Extragalactic Survey (WAVES) is an upcoming large survey being undertake on the 4m Multi-object Spectrograph Telescope (4MOST). The survey will observe 2million galaxies to extend the science undertaken with GAMA to less massive galaxies in the local Universe, and to faint galaxies in the more distant Universe. I work as Project Scientist for WAVES-deep, which means I am in charge of ensuring the survey produces high quality science and achieves its science goals.

If you would like to know more about WAVES, see here.

Overview for Astronomers


WAVES is a massively multiplexed spectroscopic survey of 2 million galaxies due to commence on the VISTA telescope as part of the 4MOST Consortium’s suite of surveys.

The survey is led by a European-Australian Consortium (PIs Simon Driver, UWA/St Andrews & Jochen Liske, Hamburg University) and will build upon the excellent imaging data provided by two of the European Southern Observatories ongoing Public Surveys: VST KiDS and VISTA VIKING.

WAVES will provide a comprehensive and highly complete study of the galaxy populations extending to the lowest possible stellar and halo mass and flux limits locally, and to the greatest depths.

A key factor in designing WAVES is its potential for synergy with existing and upcoming facilities, including GALEX, WISE, Herschel, and in the future with additional complementary datasets from Euclid, LSST, SKA-mid, ASKAP and JWST.

The current survey design is fluid and will remain so until operations commence, but at this stage is proposed to comprise of two distinct sub-surveys WAVES-Wide and WAVES-Deep


WAVES multi-wavelength facilities


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