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Think Inc’s Evening With Brian Greene

As an undergraduate student I read an amazing book on string theory called ‘The Elegant Universe’. The book explained some of the most complicated concepts in modern astronomy in an extremely accessible way. It opened my eyes to some of the amazing ideas that we had formulated about the structure of our Universe on the smallest scales. Up until that point, while I had alway been interested in astronomy, but a love of the other branches of physics had alluded me. In reading this book I found a new appreciation for the understanding of the fundamental nature of the Universe on small scales. Then, in March 2016, I got to sit down and chat with the author of that book – Professor Brian Greene.

At Think Inc’s event I got to talk about my research with 500 people at the Astor Theatre in Perth. To top it off I also got to chat about string theory with one of the worlds most knowledgable experts.


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